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Current trends in the British potato industry

The English lockdown seems to have had a limited effect on the free-buy market. Packing demand is leading the way, with chipping seasonally quiet and processing continuing to see trade covered primarily by contracts. Some quality issues are being reported due to bruising, wet rots and also wireworm and slug damage.

Alice Bailey, Senior Analyst Potatoes at AHDB reports.

Market Commentary


  • Retail trade has not seen the uplifts experienced during the last lockdown, but there is demand for both Whites and Maris Piper for retail.
  • There does seem to be an increased demand for Maris Piper over Whites though, with these still gaining a premium.
  • Maris Piper, both English and Scottish, are priced similar to the same time last year, with the high end obtaining a touch more than a year ago.


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