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US: Lockwood unveils new air-controlled debris separator

North Dakota-based equipment manufacturer Lockwood has put its new air-controlled separator (ACS) in the spotlight. The ACS is a complete potato handling and cleaning system that removes rocks, dirt, vines and other debris. Lockwood’s ACS-8 and ACS-5 are designed with a range of features including a vacuum chamber, a cleaning table and an air supply unit. Additional features include a 48-inch potato discharge conveyor; collection conveyors for funneling dirt and stones to one discharge point; a containment unit for the collection of fine dirt and debris; a high-efficiency backward inclined fan; a 170-horsepower Cummins engine power plant; an optional electric motor drive; a hydraulically activated clutch for remote start-up; and a central control panel with remote access to the air supply unit. According to Lockwood, the ACS also provides a clean and noise-free work environment for workers. Lockwood has a patent pending on the company’s ACS technology. For more information visit

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