US: NPC issues statement on the deregulation of Simplot’s gmo potato

Next Monday the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) will announce the deregulation of Simplot’s Innate potato through a notice to be published in the Federal Register. Based on a lengthy approval process using available scientific data and public input, USDA found the potatoes unlikely to pose a plant pest or environmental risk. The potatoes have been engineered for reduced bruising and lower potential to produce acrylamide when cooked under certain conditions. The National Potato Council (NPC) issued a statement on Friday. “The NPC welcomes innovation and we support new, safe, and effective advancements in the growing, processing, packaging, and marketing of potatoes that benefit consumers, customers, growers, and processors. We also acknowledge that GMO products in the food supply is a divisive issue. Individuals and organizations on both sides feel strongly about the topic. Therefore, a comprehensive identity preservation system – and rigorous compliance to it – is vital. Additionally, voluntary labeling at the federal level will enable the industry to give consumers choice without being a source of erroneous warnings and confusion in the marketplace. Different parts of the potato industry have different roles and responsibilities including production, regulation, and education. Individual potato growers and processors decide what they want to plant, produce, and how they want to market their products. The USDA and FDA decide what’s safe to enter the marketplace. Industry groups, like ours, educate people about the value of potatoes in general.”

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