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Coalition looking to commission impact study of potato in East Africa

A number of NGOs (Vita, Gorta-Self Help Africa, Concern Universal and Farm Africa), research institutes (International Potato Centre (CIP), Teagasc and the Irish Potato Federation and government bodies that have worked in the potato sector over a number of years have formed a coalition that intends to pursue an integrated science, business and development approach with a broad focus on the entire potato value chain. The coalition members will focus on six initial countries of operation, namely: Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania and Uganda. The coalition is looking to commission a study into the impact of current work of the coalition partners in each country and the potential for replicability and scale. It is expected that the research will be through a mix of fieldwork in Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda and desk work in the remaining three countries. The expected outputs are a number of case studies of best practice and provide the strategic direction for the coalition. More

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