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Anding – One of the biggest potato producing areas in China

Anding District of Dingxi, is located in northwest China’s Gansu Province, a semi-arid zone. The potato is a major source of income for local residents. More than 55 percent of Anding District’s 119,000 hectares of arable land is used to grow potatoes, which contribute 40 to 60 percent of the district’s total annual income, according to Zhang Hongji, an official from the general office of the Anding District government. Local farmers have discovered that one way to get out of poverty is to switch to potato cultivation. The hardy crop’s ability to survive cold weather, droughts and barren environments makes it perfect for the region, and high yields can be obtained. Now, Anding is one of the biggest potato producing areas in China. Anding District has developed a complete chain of potato plantation and processing. The humble spud has successfully lifted many local residents out of poverty. More

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