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McCain tour: Growing potatoes in Argentina

Drone technology is one of the precision agriculture tools that’s gaining popularity in Argentina

A group of 16 Canadian and American growers recently journeyed to observe how they grow processing potatoes in Argentina. The growers — 10 from New Brunswick and six from Maine — were accompanied by three Canadian and American executives from McCain Foods as they toured Argentinean potato farming and production facilities this past January. The week-long visit took place in the Balcarce region of Argentina, the main processing potato growing area of the country that’s a five hour drive or so southeast of Buenos Aires. The group visited farms that supply potatoes for the McCain Argentina plant, which produces french fries largely destined for export to Brazil. Finding a location where potatoes are grown in January was one of the reasons for the South American destination. According to Yves Leclerc, McCain’s director of agronomy for North America, another compelling reason to visit Argentina was the interesting dynamic that characterizes potato production in that country. Spud Smart magazine

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