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The potato chip frenzy in Korea

Top Row, Left to Right: Honey Butter Chip, Honey Butter Almonds, Honey Butter Flavor Kettle Chips, Honey Butter Dried Squid. Bottom Row, Left to Right: Honey Butter Potato Stick, Jagabee Honey Mild, Oh! Gamma Honey Milk, Honey Shower Popcorn, Sumi Chip Honey Mustard A frenzy over a potato chip in South Korea isn’t letting up. Nearly a year after its launch, Honey Butter Chip remains a wildly popular and difficult-to-track-down snack in South Korea. Some retailers say they have introduced rationing, limiting customers to a few bags to prevent hoarding. Local news media have featured stories of stores trying to prevent fights between customers competing for the snack. “When we get our weekly delivery, we have folks lining up to buy Honey Butter Chip 30 minutes before we open,” said a security guard at one of Seoul’s big supermarkets. Potato prices in South Korea have doubled partly as a result of increased demand for the chips. More

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