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Japan: Calbee’s ‘super sour lemon’ potato chips are not an entirely terrible idea

In the crowded and frequently disappointing world of novelty potato chips, a “super sour lemon” flavor seems especially unneeded. The “warning” on the front of the bag describes it as Calbee’s “riskiest” product to date. Who wants a snack that places all emphasis on the endurance-test taste quality of the food? Yet despite this potential trap, Calbee’s super sour chips (¥140) taste pretty good. They are, indeed, sour, but not to a taste bud-eradicating degree. The lemon taste comes across clearly, making this a far more enjoyable experience than expected. It can still be tough to eat the whole bag in one sitting, but these sour lemon chips ultimately make for a nice twist on the usual chips you’ll find at the convenience store. (Source:

Lockwood Mfg






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