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Spain: Decreasing trend in the acrylamide content in potato crisps

According to the European Food Safety Agency (EFSA), processed potatoes together with coffee and cereal based food (cookies, crackers, breakfast cereals and toasted bread) are the main sources of exposure to acrylamide in the diet. Due to the natural presence of large concentration of acrylamide precursors in the potato, when this product is subjected to high temperatures, as during frying, acrylamide is generated. Levels of this contaminant even more than 4000 μg/kg have been detected in potato chips and crisps. Spanish scientists have investigated the acrylamide content of commercial potato crisps marketed in Spain as a major source of acrylamide in the diet. Results were then compared with data previously reported by their research group since 2004, in order to evaluate the trend in the acrylamide content in Spanish potato crisps over the last 10 years and the effectiveness of the mitigation strategies implemented by industry. More

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