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Nedato improves potato quality with Field Potato Sorter installation

Nedato Potato Packing line with newly installed FPS 2400Dutch Potato Packer Nedato has renovated its potato sorting line. One of the improvements involves the installation of a TOMRA Field Potato Sorter (FPS) 2400 directly at the reception of the potatoes. Heero Gramsma, CEO of Nedato B.V.:
“After two weeks of hard work this week the new electronic clod separator is successfully started. From the first moment the installed Tomra FPS 2400 is working well. The machine is positioned directly at the reception of the potatoes, so that all clods and stones are removed directly, and therefore cannot inflict more damage to the potatoes.” “In addition, the old sorting lines are almost all replaced by new ones and we have limited the number of traps in the sorting process. Before the renovations all potatoes went over two sorters and various bands, before the potatoes were tailored in the bunkers.”

“Again, several bands are removed, resulting in fewer traps. Now the potatoes move over one sorter and also in a thicker flow, which again entails less damage.”

“This modern technique and all these adjustments help us to further improve our quality of delivered product.”

Source: Nedato B.V.

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