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New fully automated french fry vending machine developed in Wageningen

New French Fry vending machine developed in WageningenDutch start-up Caenator, in collaboration with StartLife and Wageningen University & Research Centre, presented a new fully automatic french fry vending machine. On 2 September, in the Restaurant of the Future on the Wageningen Campus, the President of the Executive Board of Wageningen UR, prof. Louise Fresco, tried the first portion of fries from the machine. By doing so, she gave the starting shot for the first market test. In the presence of the press, Louise Fresco took the first fries from the machine. After paying one euro and a single click on the 32-inch screen, the machine immediately started to deep-fry the fries. Mayonnaise, curry ketchup or ketchup, a fork and some salt are supplied separately in a box. More

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