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UK: Potato sector on track for one of smallest harvests on record

UK potato farmers are on track to harvest one of the smallest crops on record. According to AHDB Potatoes, the potato sector has suffered a 7.8 per cent decline in area this year in response to falling prices. With harvest progressing the crop currently being lifted could be one of the smallest since records began. Arthur Marshall, analyst at AHDB Potatoes, said: “There was quite a lot less potatoes planted in the first place so you would expect that to result in a smaller supply. “We have had a look at different yield scenarios and if you had a yield similar to last year, which would result in the fourth lowest production on record.” Mr Marshall added last year’s yields were high compared to average. GB average prices for the week to September 18 were £151.51/tonne, compared with £119.56/t last year. “Prices are higher than at this point last season,” Mr Marshall said. “If you look at historic trends you would not expect prices to go as low as last season.” Source: FG Insight

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