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Half-baked? Why Australia is getting a raw deal on potatoes

UK potato variety Nicola.Why does a British supermarket sell around twice as many types of potato as the Australian equivalent at any one time, while relying on specific varieties rather than made-up brands? The experts agree that it’s partly because, unlike residents in many parts of Europe, Australians haven’t been adequately educated about the spud and its many varieties. “There are hundreds of varieties of potato in Australia but the consumer doesn’t know about most of them because they haven’t been told,” says Robbie Davis, the chief executive of Potatoes South Australia. “The same goes for new potatoes. “Not only that, but many Australian consumers have a perception that potatoes are boring, that they are unsophisticated. They are seen as a staple. They are time-consuming – you have to peel them. But the main thing is the consumer thinks ‘bad carbs, high carbs’ and they won’t eat them.” More

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