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Lamb Weston shows “Seeing possibilities” at Anuga food fair

Lamb Weston has chosen international food fair Anuga in Cologne, Germany, to present “Seeing possibilities” with a view to inspire menus worldwide. Chefs will offer visitors working in the food industry new solutions how to serve potato products in an inventive way. Lamb Weston takes pride in trying to see all the possibilities available related to potato processing. It invented the water gun knife, came with the world’s first CrissCut and Twister fries and has won various sustainability awards for its water- and emissions saving technology. This year Lamb Weston surprised the food business with the introduction of Potato Dippers and Connoisseur Fries.

Potato Dippers makes dipping and sharing a fun experience. Due to the Lamb Weston Potato Dippers, developed based on that latest consumer insights and needs, potatoes have become popular as a snack, starter or finger food. With its rough-cut, irregular shape Connoisseur Fries look like home-made fries and taste accordingly. The original taste and appearance serve as perfect answer to the growing trend of authenticity.

This captures the essence of Lamb Weston’s global approach – Seeing possibilities for improving its customer’s business. During the Anuga Food Fair, from 10th until 14th October in Cologne Germany, the theme is: ‘Seeing possibilities: new ways to excite your menu!’ That matches perfectly with the fair’s theme: ‘What does tomorrow taste like?’

At Anuga two great chefs will show inventive suggestions to serve potato products. For instance by using the new Lamb Weston fries as a starter with truffles. Or Potato Dippers with black olive powder.They will prepare six complete menus that visitors are welcome to taste on the stand. They can even vote for their favourite, most inventive serving suggestion and win a price.

With this event Lamb Weston intends to inspire restaurateurs and other entrepreneurs in the food industry and demonstrate them that fries are more than just a product. We would like to offer solutions that will help our customers be ahead of trend and add value to their menu,” Maarten Ploos van Amstel of Lamb Weston / Meijer says.

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