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Woman who claims she’s ‘addicted to chips’ stars in bizarre photoshoot

She's serious: Vera Alberding, an art student from Amsterdam, says she is addicted to chips and consumes at least one bag per day Most people enjoy eating potato chips, but one woman says she’s actually addicted to the salty snack and is upset that no one takes her problem ‘seriously’. Vera Alberding, an art student from Amsterdam who now lives in the US, spoke out about her dependence in a lengthy piece on Vice’s food blog, Munchies, sharing: ‘When I tell people I’m addicted to potato chips, laughter is usually their first reaction. Then they’ll ask about my favorite flavor. But would you ask an alcoholic if they prefer wine or beer?’ Vera admits that she has often ditched boyfriends and close pals to go home and dig her hand inside a bag of salty goodness. More

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