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Europe: NEPG raises yield figure for consumption potatoes

The combination of later harvest and good growing conditions at the end of the harvest has caused the NEPG to raise the yield figures of the five NEPG countries from 1 October by 300,000 tonnes, to 25,157,000 tonnes. The Belgian yield of the non Bintje varieties are the main cause of this. Whereas on the 1st of October in Belgian a ha yield of 47 tonnes was predicted, the yield prediction is now 51.2 tonnes per ha. When the figures of all participating countries are known in a week or two, the NEPG will be able to publish the final yield. The yield is lower than last season and still slightly under the five year average. There are large differences reported in quality  and quantity from area to area, but also from variety to variety. Harvest 2015 is the latest harvest in the NEPG history. More

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