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New innovations in potato storage technology

OmniCuro is a storage automation tool from Omnivent that can be used on a tablet or smartphone. PHOTO: OMNIVENT.To protect their investment, it’s important for growers to keep on top of the latest innovations in ventilation, humidification and spout control when storing their potato crops. Spud Smart magazine in Canada talked to some industry experts about new equipment, products and technologies aimed at ensuring storage success. Ashley Gorman, vice-president of sales at P.E.I.-based Gorman Controls, believes the most important new technologies to hit the scene in recent years have been those that provide growers with increased control of storage ventilation systems from afar. Huub Kasius, managing director of Dutch firm AgroVent BV, informs about VaccTek, an innovative potato drying system offered by AgroVent that will be available in Canada soon. Researchers from another Netherlands-based company, Omnivent, are looking at perfecting quality control in storage through an innovative data collection and assessment model that looks at how minute environmental changes can affect crops in storage. More

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