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Jamaica: New variety of Irish potatoes to reduce importation of fries

The country’s importation of fries could be reduced by at least 30 per cent over the next three years, with the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries’ introduction of the ‘Challenger’ variety of Irish potato, deemed ideal for producing this popular fast-food item. Noting that, seven million kilogrammes of fries are imported annually at a cost of $700 million, Portfolio Minister Derrick Kellier said the ministry will be “accelerating our work” on the production of the Challenger, which was identified in its evaluation as the most suitable for producing the value-added item. “It is important that we speed up this process of testing and planting. This will require an additional 1,100 acres (of land) to be put into production, and the engagement of a minimum of 400 new farmers,” he noted. More

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