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Regional variations in the German potato harvest

“There were regional variations in the German potato harvest due to weather conditions this year,” states Dr. Sebastean Schwarz, Managing Director of the German Potato Trade Association (DKHV). “Overall we have achieved a good harvest in Germany.” “The yield is lower than the previous year, but you can’t forget that 2014 had an exceptionally large potato harvest,” continues the managing director of the DKHV, “The harvest of this year is almost similar compared to the average harvest. We will be able to compensate for the regional differences in crops,” promises the expert.  “The drought during the summer resulted in a lower harvest in the south and the east of the country. “In our overall analysis the lower harvest will have no major impact at the point of sale or on consumers. At present we expect a normal season.” “We have to keep an eye on the market,” continues Schwarz, “The possibility of storing the potatoes is important, so that in the coming year we can offer German grown high-quality potatoes. To ensure good conditions for the potatoes in storage, companies need to invest in modern technology and ventilation.” (Source: FreshPlaza)

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