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Sutton Bridge Crop Storage Research: Storage Bulletin – December 2015

At this time of the year it may be nice to receive one or two surprises for Christmas but a store going wrong is not one of them… So it is important to put arrangements in place to ensure that crops are checked thoroughly during the holiday period. Reports continue to be received on the prevalence of wet rots, especially in processing stocks but seed and ware have been affected too. Worst hit are ambient stores as the mild climatic conditions have capped the availability of cool and, most importantly, dry air and this has limited store managers’ options to drive out free moisture resulting from local infection. This, in turn, has allowed cross-contamination of stocks and areas of breakdown to develop to such an extent that some stores have had to be unloaded.  CIPC: It must be stressed that, with the advent of recirculation to assist in the application of CIPC, distribution efficiency can be greatly enhanced and this means that a dose of CIPC can often last longer than might have previously been the case. More

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