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New Zealand: Proper Crisps – a dietitian’s analysis

Proper Crisps go under the TDHB dietitians' microscope.Are these chips really ‘Sunshine in a Bag’ as they are promoted? The philosophy at Proper Crisps is all about keeping it natural and simple to produce “truly outstanding” crisps. These are called “crisps” instead of “chips” to make the distinction between hand cooked crisps and mass produced chips. Proper Crisps are 100 per cent natural and the entire artisan selection is gluten-, dairy-, MSG- and GMO-free, and vegan friendly. Proper Crisps potatoes are hand sorted. They are then cooked and hand stirred in small batches, before being spun in a specially-designed centrifuge to remove any excess oil. The small factory is located in Upper Moutere near Nelson. More

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