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American Lorain Corporation Announces Cooperation with TaiMei Potato Industry Ltd. in China

American Lorain Corporation, an international processed snack foods, convenience foods, and frozen foods company based in Shandong Province, China, announced the cooperation with TaiMei Potato Industry Ltd., acquired by the world’s leading potato products supplier Lamb Weston in 2014. Both of the companies have reached an agreement that TaiMei Potato will help to manufacture the Lorain brand french fries. In 2015, the Company decided to diversify and enrich the categories of its potato products to fulfill the needs of different preferences. One of the strategies is to procure potatoes domestically in China and labeled as a Lorain branded product. TaiMei Potato is a well-respected company with a strong background and solid manufacturing capabilities. The products include straight cut fries, mashed potato, and wedges etc. TaiMei Potato has the production line which is capable of producing 10 tons of chips per hour, this is currently one of the most advanced in China. More

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