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Canada: The Little Potato Company introduces exclusive new creamer potato varietal: “Chilean Splash”

The Little Potato Company is introducing a delicious, all new, proprietary Creamer varietal across Canada and the U.S., in limited supply from their very first harvest. The introduction of an exclusive new varietal from The Little Potato Company is a rare and celebratory occurrence. Chilean Splash, a bold new Creamer features a silky cream-colored skin with splashes of bright purple, a luscious texture and delicious flavour. This limited release specialty Creamer is available in distinctive violet 1.5 lb gusset bags, in select produce sections across Canada for a short time until the first release sells out. “Chilean Splash was originally bred in the rugged and fertile steppes of the Chilean Andes where potatoes were first discovered about 8,000 years ago. We’re thrilled to delight Creamer lovers with this rich, lively and complex Creamer, after years of skillful cultivation and refinement to complement our climate and palates,” said Angela Santiago, CEO and Co-founder of The Little Potato Company. “This is our boldest Creamer yet, and embodies both the authentic culture and history of its native lands, and our commitment to feeding the world, better.” More

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