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Australia: Melbourne man adopts ‘potato only’ diet in bid to transform health

A Melbourne man who has declared he will only be eating potatoes for the next year says he has no intention of becoming the new face of fad dieting. Elwood resident and father-of-one Andrew Flinders Taylor embarked on a 366-day “potato only” diet on January 1, in the hopes of improving his “relationship” with food. Mr Taylor, 36, has chronicled his journey in a series of posts to YouTube and Facebook. He said he was inspired to try the diet after struggling with controlling his food intake and finding commentary online about the root vegetable’s nutritional benefits. “Lots of people in the past have lived on nothing but potatoes. I guess potatoes are a much-maligned food, people tend to think of them as empty calories. I’m hoping to show that potatoes are a health food. It’s been done before, I’m confident it can be done again.” Mr Taylor said that in the past four weeks , he has already lost 10kg, despite having done “not much” exercise. Mr Taylor said that against all expectations, he has not become “absolutely sick of potatoes” and feels the diet is already doing him good. Mr Taylor has defended his diet on the basis it was approved by his doctor. More

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