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Europe: Concerns with start of new potato season around the Mediterranean

The Northern European potato market is quiet. Dutch exports are disappointing, Belgium hopes for a rebound in prices in the coming weeks and the German market shows no whims. In Scotland, growers have some concerns for the coming season. The wet soil could hamper the planting. Further south, French and Italian traders have a good market with great prizes. The Spanish stocks have been almost fully depleted; there are complaints from French traders, who find Spanish prices are too low and therefore are not exporting. The harvest this year will probably start earlier due to the warm weather. Growers in other Mediterranean countries are also looking forward to the start of the season. In Cyprus, the impact of frost could result in smaller sizes; Egypt expects a lower production and Israel has again predicted low prices in the domestic market. In the U.S., producers have had a good harvest and there are consequently greater volumes in storage, but the market is stable. In Australia, prices are low due to a large supply and low demand. More

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