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Germany: Nicola is the “potato of the year” 2016

The potato variety Nicola was added to the German varieties list in 1973. Dr. Hans-Jürgen Fitschen (Europlant, previously Saatzucht Soltau Bergen) cultivated the Nicola at the end of the 60s. The Nicola is a relatively early, waxy variety with a long to oval shape. The Nicola is widely popular outside its region of origin, the Lüneburg Heath. The Nicola is a cross between the variety “Clivia” and a wild potato variety. It is a waxy potato with yellow flesh, which is a very sought-after characteristic in potatoes. And the Nicola retains the attractive yellow color after cooking. The taste is mild and the potato has a very fine consistency. The Nicola is regarded as an all-rounder in the kitchen and keeps its nice shape when used as jacket or fried potatoes. More

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