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Punjab exported almost 80,000 tonnes of potatoes in two months

The Punjab Minister for Agriculture Farrukh Javed, reported that his province exported over 78,130 tonnes of potatoes in the past two months and has the potential to export at least 300,000 tonnes of potatoes this year, because of a bumper crop. The Minister said in a statement released on Tuesday 9 February that the potatoes were exported to Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Russia, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates. He also stated that Pakistani tomatoes were in great demand abroad “because of their good quality” and his government was keeping a close watch on the production and marketing. He went on to discuss an increase in profit for growers, which he claimed, was “his government’s foremost priority. “It [the government] will ensure the export of surplus production of potatoes and also proper payments to wheat and sugarcane growers,” he added. Source:

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