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Researchers find spuds that could foil type 2 diabetes

huckleberry gold potatoMontana State University researchers have found several varieties of potatoes that could foil one of the scourges of the modern world: type 2 diabetes. Researchers in the Sands’ Research Lab at MSU’s Plant Science Department have found low glycemic index potatoes that do not cause the rapid spike in blood sugar that comes with eating starchy foods. Sugar spikes can be dangerous for diabetics who lack the insulin to handle it and have been linked to cancer, heart disease and other conditions. “We want to let people know that if they have to watch their GI there are potatoes out there they can eat,” said Alice Pilgeram, an assistant research professor. “We are hoping that this will create more demand for these potatoes, and seed producers will grow more, turning it into a nice specialty market for the Montana seed producers.” More

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