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US firm comes up with innovative way to sell potatoes

PotatoesWhen a picture of a DVD copy of The Martian propped next to the piles of potatoes in a US supermarket was shared across Reddit earlier this week, everyone assumed this was the work of one savvy grocery store worker. ‘Only way to improve this would be to have disco playing in the produce section,’ wrote one Redditor. Putting Damon’s face in amongst the spuds for kicks sounds like something a bored supermarket worker would do, right? Like someone hanging a ‘Perfect for Valentine’s Day’ sign in the cucumber aisle. Well, it turns out, this wasn’t the work of one random prankster. The Albert Bartlett potato company in the US has made an official deal with Twentieth Century Fox to use Matt Damon’s face and their Martian film to sell potatoes. More

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