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Germany’s first fries survey

A hundred years ago French fries came to Germany and since then they have conquered the country. The German potato specialist Agrarfrost has held the first fries survey in Germany, in cooperation with the survey association GfK. For 89% of all Germans, fries are an important part of the meal. Every second German states that they prepare frozen fries at home several times per month. Who would have thought, every third woman in German eats her fries with her hands at home. 83% of the men are a bit more stylish and enjoy their fries with a fork. But both equally favor the classical shaped French fries, however varieties are popular too. 

Healthy enjoyment: Oven fries over deep-fried fries
As a side dish, meal or snack fries are very popular with the Germans. Every second German household prepares fries and for about 70% of the Germans the oven is the first choice for preparing them, a fast and tasty way of preparation. The deep fryer is clearly past its prime; only 22% of the Germans use it to fry the tasty snacks. 10% of the respondents state that they prepare their frozen fries in the microwave oven or under the grill.
French fries should taste like home
Local is important too, about 70% of the respondents like their fries to taste like home. About 50% of the Germans find it important that the fries are made of locally sourced potatoes. 26% of the French fries lovers check their bag of frozen potatoes quite carefully to make sure they buy German fries. “The recent GfK survey shows that French fries are a popular dish in German households. And the consumers are increasingly conscious about the origin of the potatoes that are used for the frozen fries,” states Manfred Wulf, manager of Agrarfrost. Germans customers simply appreciate it if the fries just taste like home.

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