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US: New book pays homage to fries

“Fries! An Illustrated Guide to the World’s Favorite Food” by Blake Lingle (Boise); Princeton Architectural Press ($16.95)“Why do we make fries? Because they make us happy.” How true. Blake Lingle, founder of Boise Fry Company, wrote these words in his entertaining and fact-filled book about “fryography.” He says it’s not a cookbook. Rather, it’s “loaded with heaps of conjecture, food verbiage, exaggerated yet appropriate jokes at the expense of the French, and sarcasm.” It is clear how much Lingle loves fries, and with his restaurant’s tag line “burgers on the side,” he promotes the idea that “fries can and should stand on their own.” “Fries! An Illustrated Guide to the World’s Favorite Food” contains history, definitions, a timeline of fry evolution across the world, types of fries, types of potatoes, nutritional values, various fry condiments and sauces, recipes, as well as how they are made, where they are grown and where they’re consumed — in short, nearly everything about one of the world’s most popular and favorite foods. More

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