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NL: Market value HZPC exceeds € 100 million

The value of certificate of share of HZPC Holland B.V. in the Netherlands has been set at € 136.90. A total of 4,765 certificates of share were traded at stock trading day May 2016. Gerard Backx, CEO of HZPC, comments on the new value of the certificate: “HZPC has 783,725 certificates of share. At the current value, HZPC’s market value exceeds € 100 million for the first time in history. HZPC traded the first certificates in financial year 1999/2000 against a value of € 24.00. At that time, HZPC’s market value was almost € 19 million.” The value of HZPC again increased with the 10 percent maximum. Since May 2010, the value of certificate increased twelve times with this maximum 10 percent – and one time with more than 9 percent. More

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