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US: McDonald’s diet ambassador, controversial weight loss nutrition campaign in schools ends

McDonald's November Sales Down Lower Than ExpectedMcDonald’s is pulling out its weight loss nutrition campaign in schools. Brand ambassador John Cisna will no longer be talking about his McDonald’s diet to students, teachers and school officials. The fast food company confirmed this in an announcement Friday. John Cisna was hired by McDonald’s in 2014 after learning how he ate McDonald’s for 90 days and lost almost 37 pounds. Eventually, he documented his weight loss journey in the book, “My McDonald’s Diet.” The 60-year-old former teacher was featured in a documentary produced by McDonald’s on making proper food choices to aid in weight loss. He was also tasked to go around the U.S. to talk to students, teachers and officials about how he succeeded in losing weight with a McDonald’s diet. Washington Post confirmed with McDonald’s that it has dropped John Cisna’s weight loss campaigns in schools, including the use of the source materials created by the fast food chain. More

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