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Study criticized for claiming that potatoes could lead to high blood pressure

Study criticized for claiming that potatoes could lead to high blood pressureA study received criticisms by health experts after it claimed that potato consumption could be associated with increased risk of high blood pressure. The study published in BMJ found that four or more servings of potatoes in any form such as boiled, baked, mashed, or fried could lead to risk of high blood pressure. However, those who criticized the findings told that a single food or nutrient could not be sufficient indicator of health. Potato is one of the most popular foods in the American diet. Its recent association with high blood pressure has been questioned by many health experts. The researchers found that who consumed four or more servings a week of potatoes developed a higher risk of developing hypertension compared with those taking one or less than one serving a month. But, a group of researchers from Australia stated that this could not be a sufficient indicator of a possible risk factor because the glycemic index of potatoes varies depending on the type of potato and the cooking method. One dietitian not involved with the study suggested the blame shouldn’t rest with potatoes, but with the add-ons people put on their spuds — such as sour cream and bacon bits. More

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