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Australia: Potatoes maintain key role in Tasmania with new Simplot deal

Ringarooma potato harvest 2016Potatoes look set to retain their major crop status in Tasmania, as farmers accept a new deal from the biggest processor. Frozen French fry maker Simplot has agreed to pay its Tasmanian potato suppliers 5 per cent more, phased in over the next three years. The new contract was negotiated by a growers’ collective bargaining group, headed by Scottsdale farmer Trevor Hall. “There are a few points to it, it’s a three-year contract,” Mr Hall said. “Simplot have offered a supplementary payment for the harvest we’re currently doing, due to adverse conditions, and that’ll be $320 a hectare. “Then we’ll start a three-year contract for the next planting in spring, which will see a price increase of $7.50 a tonne, then a year after that $5, and the year after that a price increase of $2.50 a tonne.” More

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