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Mesmerizing footage shows how Pringles potato chips are made

They next move to a new belt, seasoned with whatever flavoring is made for that batch before they're flipped on to another conveyor beltWhether you’re using them to make a duck bill or snacking on them at a party, Pringles are a nearly 50-year-old staple of American snack food. But the way they get their shape – and crisp – is a mesmerizing process and a new video show the whole method from start to finish. The video begins by showing the ingredients that make up the potato chips – a ratio of one-third water to two-thirds potato flakes. Corn starch is mixed in to give the batter its firmness while being fried. The chips start their life being flattened on one of many conveyor belts then are cut, pressed and molded. The molding allows for the chips to get there famous concave shape before they are fried for 11 seconds. A worker then checks the chips before another belt shakes them apart, followed by weighing and packaging. More

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