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2016 triennial EAPR Section Post Harvest meeting

The 2016 triennial EAPR Section Post Harvest meeting will be held on the 29-30th June 2016 in Wageningen, The Netherlands. The meeting will cover different aspects of post-harvest research in potatoes, with an emphasis on relevance to the industry. Themes will range from diagnosis and detection of disease, dormancy and sprout control, quality management and technology in post-harvest management. The program will allow plenty of time for scientific presentations and networking, and with the opportunity of a visit to Wageningen UR and the Post-harvest research group. Scientists, students, growers, potato producers and industry representatives are encouraged to attend this meeting.
Further details will be announced shortly but to register your interest in the meeting or for any other enquiries please Organizing Committee chaired by Drs. Tjaart Hofman ( and Glyn Harper (

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