Canada: Farmer takes to social media to educate people on potato production

Potato farmer Marten Nieuwhof has produced two videos from his South Rustico farm.A Prince Edward Island potato farmer has taken to social media to show people what exactly he does for a living. “I have a bunch of friends that just don’t know what I do for a living,” said Marten Nieuwhof. “And I assume there’s a lot of people out there that just don’t know.” The 49-year-old potato farmer has been in the business for 30 years. He farms with his two brothers and sister at Blue Bay Farms, where the video was shot. Nieuwhof said people might not know that potatoes are grown from other cut up potatoes rather than from seed, nor do they know anything about the process of getting them into the ground. “That’s kind of why I made the video because most people don’t know that.” Nieuwhof made a video of harvesting last fall and said he got a pretty good reaction, so he made another one this year. He shot and edited it on his iPhone and iPad. “People enjoy it and they like the in-depth view of how it’s done because they have no idea,” he said. (Source: CBC) Go here to watch video.

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