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Belgium hit by heavy rainfall, but potato harvest not expected to be smaller

Several regions in Belgium have been hit by heavy rainfall, but some lots were spared from the excessive rain. Much rainfall occurred especially in west Flanders, but Wallonia experienced much less rain. “We can conclude that our lots fortunately turned out better than expected,” says Nele van Elven of Van Elven Agra. “Of course it was a bit of a shock for some cultivators, but nature has a way of usually recovering quite quickly.” Van Elven says the rain damaged certain areas, but that the harvest will probably not be much smaller than usual. “Speaking in percentages, it could be possible that the harvest will be regular. We planted 11 per cent more, and a portion will be lost, so if everything is as expected, harvest should be at regular levels. There has never been a shortage before,” she plainly concludes. “Currently prices are increasing, but that is not necessarily due to the weather, it would more likely be due to the late start of the season.”

It is currently still warm and humid. “That means favourable growing weather for the potatoes. What we mostly have to watch out for now is that the chance of potato diseases increasing, we all have to work hard to prevent that. For this, we provide the necessary sprayings and we hope this will be enough to harvest good quality potatoes later.” Normally Van Elven would already be lifting by now. “Because of the colder weather during the previous months we are now a few months behind. The new potatoes will arrive soon.”

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