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How are waffle fries made?

Waffle FriesMost of us have probably had cross-cut waffle fries at some point in our lives; this round, craggly variation on fries is an ideal vessel for ketchup and is arguably even better than traditional matchstick fries. But when you look at one, a question emerges: How the heck is it made? Waffle fries are also known aspommes gaufrettes (especially when potato chip-thin), and can come in varying thicknesses; when they’re super-thin they take on the characteristics of a potato chip (they’re actually a traditional accompaniment to steak tartare). But they’re all made the same way, and it’s a very similar technique to how potato chips are made, with one extra step: A crinkle-cut blade is inserted into a mandolin, and in between each slice, the potato is turned 45 degrees. More

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