UK potato prices have sharply increased

Potato prices in the United Kingdom, from the start of this year, have risen more steeply than at any other period since 2000. However, not all growers will benefit from this as the season is drawing to a close, and many growers have little stock left. In the week to June 3, the AHDB average free-buy prices rose by £19.01 per tonne to £287.08/t. The weekly average including both free-buy and contract also rose by £10.22/t to £249/t. Peter Grewar, who farms more than 1,200 hectares (3,000 acres) in Perthshire said, “Obviously price rises are always a good thing for growers. Six months ago we were talking about prices being too low, too low to cover cost price for some.”

However, with price rises coming at the end of the Scottish season, Mr Grewar said some farmers would be unable to take advantage. “We’re coming to the end of the season in Scotland. We’re an early season,” “Many growers won’t have anything left to sell with it being late in the season.”
But, Mr Grewar was optimistic prices would remain higher for the start of the new season. “I’m hopeful it’s going to stay relatively strong for the new season but prices can end really high but fall again for the new season.”
Source: Farmers Guardian Insight

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