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McDonald’s endless fries are here, but there’s a huge catch

McDonalds Fries 2.JPGMcDonald’s is opening a restaurant next week featuring all-you-can-eat fries. The new 6,500-square-foot “McDonald’s of the future” will open on August 4 in St. Joseph, Missouri. In addition to endless fries, the restaurant will also feature a dessert bar, a three-story PlayPlace for kids, and table service, according to franchise owner Chris Habiger. The concept is a first for McDonald’s, but there’s a catch: It’s only a temporary promotion aimed at drawing in new customers and building buzz around the restaurant opening. Habiger did not say how long the promotion will last. The new McDonald’s will also feature digital kiosks for customers to order their food — which McDonald’s is now adding to restaurants across the country.

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