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Russia expects record cabbage and potato harvest

Warm weather and heavy rainfall last month in the Altai region could have a positive impact on the yield of vegetable crops this year, says the CEO of Russkie ovoshi, Andrei Langovoy. The company is one of the largest vegetable producers in the Altai region and in Russia as a whole. According to Langovoy, heavy rain in the last week in Barnaul, did not reach the fields of Russkie ovoshi in the Kosikhinsky District, yet even without this the crops have received enough moisture this year. Potato yields there register 400-500 tonnes/ha, despite the fact that in previous years it was about 250 tonnes. The prices of potatoes and vegetables, according to Langovoy will largely depend on the harvest in the central part of Russia. If it is on the same level as last year or more, then there will not be a large demand for products from Altai. In this case price increases for vegetables in the region are not expected. Source:

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