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Belgium’s family potato business vital force in land of fries

Potatoes are the second largest cultivated crop in Belgium and a key ingredient in Belgian cuisine. It’s the base of the world-famous French fries, and is considered by Belgians as part of their national pride. From family lunchtime to potato-menu-only restaurants, what makes Belgian chips so special? “First of all, you must understand that Belgian chips represent culture,” said Romain Cools, secretary general of Belgapom, the Belgian potato trade association, in a recent visit to a farmland in West Flanders with Xinhua. “It’s not only about the quality of the crops, which is the gift from mother nature, but also the whole industry we built over generations that fascinates the world,” he said. Speaking about the unique traits of Belgian potato planting, Cools said the secret lay in highly suitable soil and just the right climate. “Most importantly, we have people who devote their life to the land — the Belgian potato farmers with their expert knowledge and passion passing down generations,” he stressed. More

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