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US: Botsford & Goodfellow continues solid relationship with Walchli Farms

BotsfordGoodfellowFor more than 50 years, Botsford & Goodfellow Inc., headquartered in Portland, OR, has partnered with Walchli Farms, located in Hermiston, OR, to bring fresh potatoes to the marketplace. “John Walchli is an amazing man, a true pioneer, and above all a dear friend,” said Salesman Paul Kern. “At 82 years of age, he shows no sign of slowing down.” Kern said Walchli has been a life-long friend to Oregon’s potato industry and a man who goes above and beyond to help farmers, friends and neighbors. His list of civic and professional achievements is extensive, and in 1986, Kern said Walchli was recognized as Man of the Year in Hermiston, OR. Kern provided The Produce News with a snapshot of the 2016 potato production season in Oregon, saying weather has been, “Erratic. Hot and cold weather. But the crop does not appear to be terribly stressed.” More

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