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10 Things you didn’t know about Pringles chips

PringlesPringles were first marketed as “Newfangled Potato Chips,” but the name didn’t stick. No one is certain where the name “Pringles” originated, but some think it could be an homage to the patent-holder for potato processing equipment … or it could be the name of a street. You may remember how old-school Pringles commercials bashed Lay’s and other potato chip brands for being greasy and stale. Pringles were meant to be a solution too all these ailments – crispy, non-greasy and in perfect form. Many scientists were hard at work designing a very specific structure, and for good reason. The saddle shape was created by chemist Fredric Baur. Powerful computers were used to ensure that the chips’ aerodynamics would keep them intact until they reached customers. The cylindrical cans, also invented by Fredric Baur, were created specifically to hold the stackable chips in place and keep them fresh. When Fredric Baur requested that his children bury part of his cremated remains in a Pringles can, his kids initially laughed it off. But when it came time to head to the funeral home, they stopped at Walgreens to pick up a container to honor their father’s accomplishments… More

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