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This fancy new McDonald’s in Paris has no burgers or fries

There’s not a French fry in sight at the new McDonald’s Paris outlet, where burgers have made way for macaroons, bagels and coffee. Traditional cafe fare like soup, salads and sandwiches are on the menu, but Big Macs and Royales (the French version of a Quarter Pounder) are not. A McDonald’s without burgers and fries may sound like a nightmare to many of the chain’s die-hard fans, but for Parisians, it may just usher in the next big wave of fast food culture. Le Figaro reports that, aside from its name, “nothing indicates that this restaurant belongs to the American chain”. Located on Rue Rambuteau in the centre of Paris, the new French McCafe seats 30 people and is part of McDonald’s drive to experiment with different formats. The last time the chain opened a burgerless McDonald’s in the city of lights, in 2010, it was closed within a year. More

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