Bad potato harvest in North Korea this year due to flooding

It is a particularly unsuccessful year for North Korean agriculture. An inside source in North Korea has reported that torrenting rains have affected the potato harvest in Unheung and Daehongdan in Ryanggang Province.  “Last year, each province had been able to produce at least half a year’s worth of potatoes in rations for farmers, but the monsoon rain washed away many of the crops that were planted on a hill slope, making this year’s harvest minimal compared to the last. The 10th of October may be the peak of the potato season, but if the current situation continues, we might find ourselves in an even worse position,” said the source. When asked whether this would cause a great food shortage for the North Korean people, the source replied, “Luckily, barley has not been affected, since the barley harvest occurred mainly before the rainy season. People who own their own wheat or corn crops build stone walls and dig trenches around them, so the impact hasn’t been as bad. However, those living in the northernmost rural regions depend greatly on the harvest from the potato farms, and are currently seeing a sharp rise in potato prices.” More

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