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Idaho Potato Commission adds international bloggers to industry tour

Food bloggers pose by the entrance of the recently renovated Idaho Potato Museum in Blackfoot on Sept. 20. They were part of a tour in its fifth year showing the Idaho potato industry to food bloggers, including the tour’s first international participants.Having visited Eastern Idaho potato processing facilities and personally dug spuds from an Idaho farm, food writer and blogger Mara Coraeo vows she’ll share a newfound appreciation of the vegetable with her audience in Guatemala. For the first time, the Idaho Potato Commission included international food bloggers on its annual publicity tour, hosted Sept. 19-21 to introduce bloggers to the state’s renowned potato industry. In addition to a dozen U.S. bloggers, IPC hosted six bloggers from Central America, including Coraeo. Coraeo founded Nu Chef magazine in 2005. In addition to the publication’s 25,000 subscribers, she reaches followers on social media and about 1,000 people per month who attend her regular cooking classes. “The amount of work that goes into a single french fry, that’s pretty amazing,” Coraeo said. “When you think about fries — the ones that are left over in a McDonald’s bag — I will feel guilty to leave them there because it takes so much work.” More

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