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NL: Safety Authority takes action against illegal import of potatoes from Poland

Inspectors of the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA), are monitoring along the Dutch roads to see whether companies that import potatoes from Poland adhere to the rules. In Poland, the harmful potato disease, ring rot, still occurs in many places. That is why all potatoes that are transported to the ring rot-free Netherlands have to be tested for ring rot before departure. When a shipment of potatoes has been approved in Poland, the Polish authorities grant a certificate and the lorry is sealed. The Polish authorities share the data of transport with the NVWA. 

In recent years, the Dutch potato sector — with the NVWA — did everything possible to exterminate ring rot in the Netherlands. To prevent the ring rot bacterium being reintroduced in the Netherlands through consumption potatoes from Poland, inspectors of the NVWA are monitoring lorries with potatoes from Poland to see whether they have been sealed or not, and whether they have been provided with the correct certificates. The NVWA is calling for companies that import and process potatoes from Poland to also check the certificates and the seals on lorries, and to take care of hygiene measures.

For more information about the inspections and hygiene measures companies should adhere to, please visit the NVWA website.

Source: NVWA / AgriHolland

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